so: job search tip: its very important to follow directions when applying for employment opportunities. Many employers use the application process to gauge suitability. Be clear in your employment objective, know what your seeking and ensure that you are able to articulate why your a fit for the opportunity.

Read the job description carefully and show in your resume and any communications how you fit or can fulfill the objective of the job.

If you have questions regarding the company and the available or lack of information, write a clear communication to the employer (something like)
“Hi Mr. Employer
I am [….]
I’ve followed the directions to apply
I have questions regarding [….]
I am that I am qualified and willing to fulfill the job requirements
I am the best thing since “flip flops”
Here are my questions […..]
What is the best way to follow up regarding my questions and how can I set up a informational interview?” end quote

Other mind set tip: note to self “sh!t i am in the market for work, my job, is job search, job search is a full time activity and I treat it as such, i have a plan and my objectives are clear, i have a network of individuals and organizations helping because I am the sh!t employee but I smell good”

job search is the ACTIVE pursuit of finding a job. Dont give in or up you will make it, you are not by yourself. Job search is a transition, its a period of transition, use it to go to the next level.

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