Did you know that the Internet is one of the lest effective ways to conduct your job search.

In fact the San Bernardino County Labor Market Information Unit reports that less then 10% of the available jobs are filled through advertisements methods like the Internet.

Another survey by the LMI Unit revealed that at least 74.5% of job positions were filled directly or indirectly as a result of networking! Most job opportunities are not list and are part of what is called the “hidden” job market with approximately two thirds of all positions found there.

One of the most difficult task; is finding out about available employment opportunities. The Internet is a valuable tool for researching and finding out information about companies when preparing for an interview. But not for weeding out nonviable job opportunities.

Networking face to face with employers and those connected with employers in the community where you are seeking employment is one of the most effective job search strategies out there.

A large number of job opportunities are never advertised, never posted at college campuses, never posted at veteran placement offices, never listed with employment agencies or executive placement firms. How come? Because “word of mouth” is fast, it’s easy, it’s free, and someone known and trusted to the prospective employer does the initial screening.

Consider google searching

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