I Shouldn’t Be Able to Smell You

Build Brand You

Fragrance Gloss DailyI can tell that you think that your perfume or cologne is awesome based on the copious amounts that you have sprayed on your body. Yet, your fragrance is only for you and anyone that gets extremely close to you.  I would avoid strong fragrances during the interview because your interviewer may be allergic or find the scent offensive.  If a person can smell the scent of your body or clothing sitting across from you, you’ve gone overboard in one direction or another.

No one within a 2 feet radius should be able to smell your body odor whether good or bad.  For unpleasant body odor the simple solution is a minimum of one shower daily and the use of deodorants.  To minimize the overpowering effect of  manufactured scents the rule of thumb is generally one spritz  or dab behind each ear or on each wrist.

This is a gentle reminder for those…

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