Empowering Brands to Succeed in the Market Place and beyond

Brand You Inc is an experiential lifestyle guidance, change management, and consumer advocacy firm located in Southern California.

Brand You Inc provides executive managers of small and mid-size companies with executive coaching in vision planning, goal setting, and execution strategies.

Brand You Inc can help you:

  • Focus on whats most important (values) to you as the leader of your initiative or company.
  • Identify your lane (roles) to create alignment within what you say is important and what you actually spend your time on.
  • Set clear and measurable (goals) (Short, mid & long term lenses)
  • Plan out your bigRocks! and define Quarterly KPIs broken into (weekly planning) segments
  • Develop clear talking points for all of your key internal and external stakeholders
  • Obtain customer feedback
  • Identify and break through stuck unproductive areas