5 Top LinkedIn Features for Personal Brands

Posted on August 29, 2014 by Susan Gilbert

LinkedIn has been building an effective career networking tool online for connecting with the right people. The first step towards building your personal brand is have a presence there. The second step is to tap into all that it has to offer. Having the knowledge about what is available will help you create a more effective experience.


So what are you missing on LinkedIn? There are several key areas that should not be overlooked. It’s time to get your personal brand’s profile up to speed!

5 ways to get the most out of LinkedIn

Here are several ways you can take your personal brand to the next level and get noticed by taking into account these key features.

• Fix that headline – Many profiles on LinkedIn approach their headline as a job title or even leave it out altogether. Put your headline to work for you with a title that entices your visitors and makes them want to find out more about your personal brand.

• Create more connections with groups – LinkedIn provides a great way to connect with others, but the real value is found in joining active groups in your niche. Your personal brand can belong to as many as 50 different groups, any of which can have over a thousand members. Through active engagement you are exposing yourself to influencers and potential employers or leads.

• Include video and images – Like other social networks LinkedIn profiles are enhanced when they include multimedia, which is simple to add to your summary. What a great way to make your personal brand stand out and project a message visually. These will also attract more visitors and network requests.

• Make endorsements more meaningful – You may have noticed other professionals endorsing your personal brand’s skills. While this is an important element to building your network, create a lasting impression by leaving endorsements for others when they have demonstrated a skill or accomplishment. Weed out the endorsements on your profile that don’t pertain to your niche, and showcase the top skills that best reflect your brand.

• Get noticed with a great headshot – Before anyone reads through your LinkedIn profile they are looking for who is behind the title. Not only does this need to add a credible persona, but should also accurately reflect your personal brand.

These LinkedIn features are a powerful way to successfully strengthen your personal brand and create more opportunities for job offers and leads for business.

About Susan Gilbert

Susan Gilbert uses her laser focus knowledge to coach and provide online marketing and social sharing programs for authors, speaker, experts and small businesses. She is the author and publisher of several books including “The Land of I Can,” and “KLOUT SCORE: Social Media Influence, How to Gain Exposure and Increase Your Klout,” Susan combines online marketing with strategic thinking to create successful programs. Working most often with authors and entrepreneurs, she understands promotion at a personal level as a regularly quoted resource in USA Today, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine and many more. Follow her Digital Marketing Tips at her blog: http://www.SusanGilbert.com

Handling difficult Interview Questions

Posted on July 1, 2014 by Heather R. Huhman

When preparing for job interviews, many job seekers focus on crafting answers to hard questions.

“What is your greatest weakness?”

“If you were an emoji, which one would you be?”

Although preparing for these tough questions is good practice, it can be easy to overlook some of the more tricky interview questions hiring managers ask.

The following three questions might seem very simple to answer; but they often catch job seekers off guard:

1. Tell me about yourself.

What they’re really asking: Who are you? Interviewers want to learn about your professional experience, as well as your personality. This question helps hiring managers gauge whether or not a candidate will be a good cultural fit.

Why it’s tricky: Although this seems like a simple question, it’s one that often stumps candidates. For most people, it’s difficult to talk about oneself and share information about interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

How to answer: You’ve already explained your experience and hard skills through your resume and cover letter. The job interview is your opportunity to share real-life stories from your experience that illustrate your best qualities.

When the interviewer asks you to introduce yourself, talk about some of your past experience, your unique interests relevant to your career, and even some of your interests outside of work.

For instance, let’s say you’re applying for a teaching position. You can talk about your passion for teaching and mention that, in your free time, you enjoy blogging about the experiences you gain in the classroom. This gives you something unique to talk about during the interview, yet keeps the discussion relevant to the position you’re applying for.

2. What do you have to offer?

What they’re really asking: What makes you the ideal candidate for this position? Again, this is another question interviewers ask to discover whether or not your skills, experience, and personality make a good match for their organization.

Why it’s tricky: This is a tricky question because it challenges candidates to think about their best qualities and illustrate them as an accomplishment story for the interviewer.

How to answer: To successfully answer this question, you need to understand the position you’re applying for. Hopefully, before the interview, you spent time studying the job description.

Once you understand the qualifications and responsibilities for the position, explain how your experience and skills make you the best candidate for the position. Touch upon some of your soft skills, such as communication or leadership, to show the employer what you have to offer outside of your hard skills and experience.

3. Where do you see yourself in five years?

What they’re really asking: What are you looking to gain from this job? Employers want to know if you’re solely applying for the position for personal gain or if you’re truly passionate about the organization.

Why it’s tricky: A huge challenge employers face is finding talent who will stay with their organization. Employers often ask this question to learn what the candidate expects to gain from the job and whether or not they plan to create a career with their organization.

How to answer: A good way to answer this question is to express the types of skills and experience you hope the job will provide you with. You might also want to add some of your goals, if you were to be hired for the position, and how you’d help the employer be successful.

Keep in mind that the best way to answer these three questions is to be confident, honest, and concise. The key to a successful job interview is to be yourself and allow the interviewer to see your best attributes.

How would you answer these three interview questions?

About Heather R. Huhman
Heather R. Huhman is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and founder & president of Come Recommended, a content marketing and digital PR consultancy for job search and human resources technologies. She is also the instructor of Find Me A Job: How To Score A Job Before Your Friends, author of Lies, Damned Lies & Internships (2011) and #ENTRYLEVELtweet: Taking Your Career from Classroom to Cubicle (2010), and writes career and recruiting advice for numerous outlets.

The Value of “Thank You”

By: Trish Freshwater

Saying “thank you” is something most of us do without even thinking: after a waitress serves a meal, a sales clerk helps you find a particular item, someone holds a door open, or after you sneeze and someone nearby says,

“God bless you.”

These pleasantries are part of our daily routines – our American culture. Likewise, “thank you” seems to rise in value when it’s in the written form. Even more if it’s hand written.

In the job seeking world, a simple thank you note goes a long way in showing your respect for the interviewers, your values, and interest in the job. But these days, is it okay to send a text thank you? How about an e-mail? Does it have to be a hand-written note on a fancy card or stationery?

Choosing the Right Thank You

Can I text a thank you?

While text messaging is a popular way to communicate, it may not be the best choice for a thank you message after a job interview unless you have already established a pattern of texting with the individual. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you consider an e-mail instead.

Can I e-mail a thank you?

Sending an e-mail is perfectly okay. It’s a great way to send a timely message thanking the interviewer for his or her time and to follow up on your conversation, the same day. This can be helpful if the hiring manager is traveling and plans to make a hiring decision before returning to the office. However, to really make an impression, you still should send a hand-written note in addition to your e-mail.

What to include: Remember to start off with an opening, thank the person for his or her time and mention something brief about how you are a good fit for the position. Don’t forget to close the message with a “thank you” or other closing statement and include a signature that has your contact info and a link to your LinkedIn profile or other relevant website.

Do I have to send a paper note?

A hand-written thank you note goes a long way in showing your respect for an interviewer. They also help you stand out from the crowd as many people don’t send thank you notes in this format.

Hand-written thank you notes can be written on a half sheet of blank card stock or on a generic, blank thank you note. In fact, I keep a box of the blank thank you notes in my desk so that I always have them on hand.

What to include: This note will be much like your e-mail message – including an opening, two or three sentences about why you’re excited about the job and why you’re the best qualified, and a brief closing that thanks the interviewer for his or her time. Most importantly, you want to write this note the same day of your interview and get it in the mail right away. Check out these sample thank you letters for help in writing yours.

A Little Thank You Goes a Long Way
In today’s fast-paced world, I recommend sending an e-mail thank you on the same day that you interview for a position. Sometimes a hiring manager is anxious to make a decision quickly – so they won’t have time to wait for your thank you card to arrive in the mail. However, it’s also really important to send the hand-written note, too, as it will show your attention to detail and will speak volumes about your personal character.

On average, about half of candidates don’t send a thank you note. So, taking just a few minutes to send thank you notes can really make you stand out from other qualified candidates. The time you invest in writing these notes will be worth the effort.

5 Ways to Maximize the New LinkedIn Profile Layout

Brand You, Inc.

If you haven’t heard, your LinkedIn profile is about to get a face-lift – if it hasn’t already. LinkedIn announced in mid-October that it would be rolling out a new look to profile pages aiming to make it easier to showcase your experience and connect with others. To see examples of the new page, click here for an interactive example or click here to see my full profile in the new format (click the link on the right to view the Full Profile).

With the new layout, it is becoming more important than ever for you to complete your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can gain better insight into your skills, experience and talents. Here are five tips to prepare your LinkedIn profile for the updated look. 1) Add a Professional Photo of Yourself

The new profile page has a prominent placeholder for a photo of you. As you seek…

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Quinton’s Job News


Volt – is seeking a Warehouse Person in Fontana, CA.  Must have strong knowledge using a hand held RF scanner.  Job #300189-6980-7-328822.  $10.27/hr.  www.careerbuilder.com

UTI United States, Inc – is seeking a Warehouse/Distribution Center Supervisor in Fontana, CA.  Responsible for supervising the distribution activities and staff, shipping, picking, receiving, or quality control.  www.careerbuilder.com

Off Broadway Shoes – is seeking a Manager in Ontario, CA.  Leadership, supervision and training of high volume big box store.  www.careerbuilder.com

Apria Healthcare – is seeking a Delivery Tech in Victorville, CA.  Ref #028926.  Pulls, packs, delivers and picks up medications, supplies and basic equipment.  www.careerbuilder.com

Shea Properties – is seeking a Community Development Assistant in Corona, CA.  Knowledge of the home building industry a plus.  Shea Properties in the “what.”  Corona, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

CRST Trucking – Company Sponsored Training.  Obtain Class A CDL in 2 ½ weeks.  Now hiring recent truck school grads & experienced drivers in Riverside, CA.  Call (800) 781-2778 or email wgreen@CRST.com

Best Buy – is seeking a Sales Lead Person-Home & Mobile Entertainment in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  Best Buy in the “what.”  Rancho Cucamonga, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Val Verde Unified School District – is seeking a Substitute Licensed Vocational Nurse in Perris, CA.  $18.30/hr.  www.edjoin.org.

City of Colton, CA – is seeking a Water Distribution Operator I in Colton, CA.  $18.18-$24.32/hr.  www.ci.colton.ca.us/

Confidential – is seeking an extremely detail oriented Housekeeper in Riverside, CA.  $15.00-$20.00/hr.  www.care.com

Endeavor Telecom, Inc – is seeking a Home Security Field Tech in Riverside, CA.  www.monster.com

City of Upland, CA – is seeking a Purchasing Tech (Accounting) in Upland, CA.  $20.58-$27.69/hr.  www.uplandpl.lib.ca.us/

Kohl’s – is seeking a PT Flex Material Handler in San Bernardino, CA.  Picking, packing, replenishment, shipping, receiving, inventory and re-warehousing.  www.monster.com

Gerdau – is seeking Production Laborers in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  Now hiring Entry-Level I Laborer.  Ref #175070ILGGA.  www.careerbuilder.com

Structure Networks – is seeking a Help Desk Person in Alta Loma, CA.  BA, 7-10 yrs exp.   $70,000-$85,000k/yr.  www.monster.com

Saladino’s – is seeking an Order Selector in Ontario, CA.  Connecting Family, Friends and Food.  Saladino’s in the “what.”  Ontario, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Reyes Beverage Group – is seeking a Merchandiser in San Bernardino, CA.  Delivery schedules, order inputs, etc.  Reyes Beverage Group in the “what.”  San Bernardino, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Americold – is seeking 3 Dock Clerks in Ontario, CA.  Verify all orders and record shipping and receiving information.  Americold in the “what.”  Ontario, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Cardinal Health – is seeking an Associate II Warehouse Operations Person in Ontario, CA.  Performing/controlling a combination of manual or automatic tasks for the receipt, storage and shipment of product.  Cardinal Health in the “what.”  Ontario, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Neiman Marcus – is seeking a Merchandiser in San Bernardino, CA.  Responsible for supporting the Loss Prevention/Operation Manager by overseeing all aspects of shipping of new goods, etc.  Merchandiser in the “what.”  San Bernardino, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

UTC-Aerospace Systems – is seeking an Assembler in Riverside, CA.  Must be able to wear the necessary personal protective equipment to work with chemicals.  UTC in the “what.”  Riverside, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Staff Right Solutions, Inc – is seeking Forklift Drivers in Ontario, CA.  Must be able to lift 50-100 lbs.  $10.00/hr.  www.staffrightsolutions.com

Sport Chalet – is seeking a Distribution Center Supervisor-Operations in Ontario, CA.  Responsible for leading and supporting associates through all functional areas of the distribution center.  Sport Chalet in the “what.”  Ontario, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Masonite Corporation – is seeking an Inventory Clerk in Moreno Valley, CA.  Ref #2013-1998.  Verify accurate usage of all raw materials.  www.careerbuilder.com

CORESTAFF – is seeking a Warehouse Clerk in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  Job #1308.  $12.00/hr.  Acts as back-up delivery employee when necessary.  www.jobing.com

Dream Team Staffing – is seeking a FT Inventory Clerk in Riverside, CA.  $11.50/hr.  Inventory Clerk with sit down forklift exp.  Send resume to ANABELE@ Dreamstaff.com.  www.monster.com

Niagara Bottling – is seeking a Warehouse Department Manager in Ontario, CA.  Overseas activities of warehouse operations including materials and keeping warehouse inventory current.  Niagara Bottling in the “what.”  Ontario, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Deploy HR, Inc – is seeking a Cost Accountant-Food Distribution Center in Fontana, CA.  Lifting up to 10 lbs.  Sitting at a computer for long periods of time.  Climbing stairs and walking through warehouse.  www.careerbuilder.com

Intelligrated – is seeking Installers-Mechanical in Ontario, CA.  Temp job – 6 months.  Ability to stand or walk on concrete or steel grating for an entire shift.  Intelligrated in the “what.”  Ontario, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Lab Support – is seeking a QA Inspector/Auditor in Riverside, CA.  Verify that all raw materials and packaging components are properly received, stored in the warehouse for raw materials.  Lab Support in the “what.  Riverside, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com


Ewing Irrigation Products – is seeking a Counter Sales Person, a Warehouse Person, and a Driver Entry-Level position.  Ref #Branch123.  www.careerbuilder.com

Accellent – is seeking a Production Worker in Upland, CA, to cycle and run machines. www.indeed.com

Diamond Staffing – is seeking an Inventory/Forklift Driver in Riverside, CA.  $11.50/hr.  Temp-to-hire.  Send resume to VCANO@DIAMONDSTAFFINGINC.COM.  Diamond Staffing I in the “what.”  Riverside, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Dawn Food Products – is seeking a Distribution Sales Manager II in Ontario, CA.  Ref #84.  Manage the overall activities of the department including the directory, advising, and managing of direct and indirect subordinates to ensure strong team member team performance.  www.careerbuilder.com

MAC Incorporated – is seeking a Packaging Operator in Corona, CA.  $11.00-$13.00/hr.  Routine packaging of a variety of bottles, or blistering and cleans, assembles and dissembles packaging machinery.  MAC Incorporated in the “what.”  Corona, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Off Broadway Shoes – is seeking a Manager in Ontario, CA.  www.careerbuilder.com

Oakley – is seeking a Distribution Manager in Ontario, CA.  Oakley in the “what.”  Ontario, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group – is seeking a Seasonal Class A Delivery Driver in Riverside, CA.  $16.50/hr.  Dr. Pepper Snapple Group in the “what.”  Riverside, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Goodwill Southern California – is seeking an Assistant Service Rep in San Bernardino, CA.  Goodwill in the “what.”  San Bernardino, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Wells Fargo – is seeking an Administrative Assistant in San Bernardino, CA.  Performs moderately complex to complete administrative tasks for a manager, department, and/or business unit.  www.careerbuilder.com

City of Rancho Cucamonga, CA – is seeking a Recreation Assistant in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  $9.54-$12.26/hr.  www.cityofrc.us

Department of Veteran Affairs – is seeking a Cemetery Caretaker in Riverside, CA.  $18.15-$21.17/hr.  VA encourages people with disabilities to apply.  Close date June 19, 2013.  VIN896283.  www.indeed.com

City of Rancho Cucamonga – is seeking a PT Information Service Tech Intern in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  www.cityofrc.us/

Lamps Plus – is seeking a General Warehouse Person in Redlands, CA.  $9.50/hr.  Apply in person, Lamps Plus Distribution Center, 9425 California Center, Redlands, CA 92374.  www.careerbuilder.com

Merit Oil Co – is seeking Petroleum Wethose Drivers in Bloomington, CA.  Must have a class “A” with Tx endorsements.  Bring a current DMV H6 print out.  Apply in Person, 1800 S. Riverside Ave., Colton, CA.  www.monster.com

Kimco – is seeking Forklift Operators in Chino, CA.  $9.50/hr.  Apply in person Tue, Wed, Thur, 9am-12pm, 5065 Eucalyptus Ave., Chino, CA 91710.  Bring a pen and 2 forms of ID.

Fontana Paper Mills – is seeking Wrapper/Stackers in Fontana, CA.  $10.50/hr.  Apply in person M-F, 8am-3:30pm, 13733 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA 92335.

Manheim – is seeking a PT Driver-Customer Shuttle Person in Riverside, CA.  Manheim in the “what.”  Riverside, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Lowe’s – is seeking a Delivery Driver in Ontario, CA.  Read maps, follow specific delivery directions and instructions, determine cost efficient routes and time efficient scheduling of deliveries.  Lowe’s in the “what.”  Ontario, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Waste Management – is seeking a Route Manager in Corona, CA.  Manage collection routes and driver/laborer performances on a daily basis.  Waste Management in the “what.”  Corona, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Matheson – is seeking a Cylinder Truck Driver in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  This is a safety sensitive position; drug test required.  Matheson in the “what.”  Rancho Cucamonga, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

National Construction Rentals, Inc – is seeking a Yard Worker in Fontana, CA.  $9.00-$12.00/hr.  Requires interaction with co-workers and supervisors and minimal contact with customer.  www.careerbuilder.com

NFL Industries – is seeking Local Company Drivers in Chino, CA.  Ref #798.  Average weekly pays $850.00.  Home daily!!  www.careerbuilder.com

Safeway Corporation – is seeking a Courtesy Clerk in Corona, CA.  Greets customers, bag groceries, helps customers out to their cars and collects empty carts for return to the store.  Safeway in the “what.”  Corona, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

ABS Auto Auction – is seeking an Accounting Clerk I in Colton, CA.  Must be organized and able to multi-task.  Position M-F, no nights or weekends.  ABS in the “what.”  Colton, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Kelly Services – is seeking a Shipping Clerk in Redlands, CA.  Boxes units for shipment, weighs boxed units to calculate shipping costs.  Kelley Services in the “what.”  Redlands, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Veolia Water – is seeking an O & M Tech in Rialto, CA.  Performs maintenance tasks, and performs janitorial and laborer duties.  This is an Entry-Level position.  www.veoliawaterna.comcareers

Confidential – is seeking a Rabbit Sitter in Corona, CA.  Need reliable person to feed, water, change hay/litter box and give love to two rabbits when owner on vacation.  www.care.com

San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino – is seeking a Surveillance Officer in Highland, CA.  www.sanmanuel.com/

Easter Seals of Southern California – is seeking an Early Childhood Education Aide in Montclair, CA.  $9.00/hr.  30 hours, part-time temp until August 31, 2013.  www.careerbuilder.com

Charter Communications – is seeking a Broadband Installer in Riverside, CA.  Entry-Level position with training provided.  www.charter.com

Best Buy – is seeking a Geek Squad Customer Service Agent in San Bernardino, CA.  Best Buy in the “what.”  San Bernardino, CA in the “where.”  www.indeed.com

Interplace –is seeking a Bilingual English/Korean or Chinese Sales Assistant in Fontana, CA.  Casual work environment.  Competitive salary.  www.monster.com

Joe’s Crab Shack – is seeking a Dishwasher, a Server and a Host in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  Ref #us-12203740.  www.careerebuilder.com

Johnston Department, Olen Jones, Teacher, Immanuel Baptist Sunday School, 28355 Baseline, Highland, CA 92346

Q Doswell, II – qdd25@verizon.net

5 Ways to Maximize the New LinkedIn Profile Layout

If you haven’t heard, your LinkedIn profile is about to get a face-lift – if it hasn’t already. LinkedIn announced in mid-October that it would be rolling out a new look to profile pages aiming to make it easier to showcase your experience and connect with others. To see examples of the new page, click here for an interactive example or click here to see my full profile in the new format (click the link on the right to view the Full Profile).

With the new layout, it is becoming more important than ever for you to complete your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can gain better insight into your skills, experience and talents. Here are five tips to prepare your LinkedIn profile for the updated look. 1) Add a Professional Photo of Yourself

The new profile page has a prominent placeholder for a photo of you. As you seek to build relationships on LinkedIn, people will want to see who you are – just like on Facebook or Google+. Remember to use a professional-looking head shot and not your favorite pic from last year’s summer vacation. 2) Make Your Headline Meaningful

Use the title or headline as an opportunity to grab your page visitor’s attention. Rather than simply list yourself as a “student,” use industry buzz words to show your ambition and career potential. Perhaps you are a “Rising Culinary Expert” or an “Aspiring Writer.” Or, you could use this space to cite your own personal branding statement – citing your career goals. And, in your contact info, don’t forget to list your personal website, Twitter and/or blog URLs. 3) Complete Your Information!

Ensuring that your profile is complete and up-to-date is a key step in your LinkedIn success. Your Summary should be a concise snapshot of your experience and skills, much like an elevator speech, and provide a statement about your career goals in one short paragraph or two.

The revised Skills & Expertise section is a great place to list all of your skills. Next, use the Experience section to add any current jobs or internships, as well as any other positions you’ve held that lend to building your credibility and showcasing your experience. Much like a resume, this is your opportunity to tell the world about all that you are capable of achieving. So, provide some concrete examples of how you’ve accomplished goals, led a team to reach an achievement or took initiative to create a success. And, don’t forget to list any Volunteer work!

The new Projects section is a great space to provide detailed information about any project you have worked on – perhaps in an internship or volunteer capacity. Did you organize a fraternity/sorority event? Did you work on a special class project that required you to complete real-world tasks? Did you take on a leadership role in a project for an agency where you volunteered over the summer? Use this space to talk about those projects while describing your specific role and how you met objectives, surpassed goals or otherwise created success. 4) Personalize Your LinkedIn Profile Link

By default, LinkedIn assigns your profile page a nondescript link that includes a long numeric identifier. However, you can personalize this link to become something like: http://www.linkedin.com/in/trishfreshwater. Having a personalized link makes it easy for you to remember when sharing your profile, and it helps build your personal brand by identifying yourself in the link. You can update your link simply by clicking the Edit Link hypertext next to your default profile page link on your profile. 5) Get Recommendations

Recommendations are a great way to have others endorse your skills and experiences. Ask professors, former employers, those who you have volunteered with or other leaders who you have worked with to write brief recommendations on your page. Third-party endorsements are one of the strongest ways to promote your experience and capabilities. Building your LinkedIn profile is an important step in maximizing your use of this social medium in your job search. But, don’t forget to join relevant groups in your career field and become an active contributor. Participating in conversations, sharing your knowledge and building relationships are all important for building your personal brand, advancing your job search and building your future career.

Make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Embrace the new profile and let your skills leap off the screen at those who may be interested in hiring you. Remember, you only get one chance to make a great first impression

Avoiding Pain

The desire to avoid pain is greater than the desire to attain pleasure. This is why most people give into their fears and never do what it takes to make it big. The perceived pain of leaving their comfort zone is greater than the pleasure of being wealthy. Excuses are then produced and the mind will find a way to justify them with logic.

use this to make your own way


Top 15 Ways to Build Your Subscriber List

Email marketing can be profitable for any business, no matter what kind of product or service you offer. It is significantly cheaper than other advertising methods and, if done right, helps build loyalty and trust with customers. As a result, you generate more sales and more profits!

The foundation for successful email marketing is a targeted, permission-based email list. Marketers call contact lists their ‘goldmine’ because it can generate much of their sales revenue. If you’ve built up a list of opt-in subscribers that are qualified and interested in what you have to offer, then you’ve completed the first step and are on your way. Now it’s time to ‘mine’ for gold!

Below you’ll find several list-building and retention ideas that will help you get the best results from all your email marketing activities:

  1. Provide useful, relevant content. Your visitors will not give you their email addresses just because they can subscribe to your newsletter free of charge. You have to provide unique and valuable information that will be of interest or use to them.
  2. Add a subscription form to every page on your website. Make sure it stands out so it is easy to find. If it doesn’t look cluttered, you may want to include more than one on some pages. For instance, if your opt-in form always appears in the top-left corner of your site, you may want to add one at the end of your most popular articles.
  3. Add subscription forms to your social media pages. Make sure that you don’t waste this valuable source of revenue opportunities. Integrate your sign-up forms with Facebook and more!
  4. Make it easy for readers to sign up. The more information you request, the fewer people will opt-in. In most cases, a name and an email address should suffice. If it’s not necessary, don’t include it here. You can always survey them once they’re customers! We do recommend that you provide a link to your Privacy Policy however.
  5. Publish a Privacy Policy. Let your readers know that they can be confident you will not share their information with others. The easiest way to do this is to set up a Privacy Policy web page and provide the link to it below your opt-in form. (Note: If you don’t have one, put the words ‘privacy policy generator’ into a search engine and you should be able to find a suitable form to use.)
  6. Provide samples of your newsletters and Ezines. This lets potential subscribers review your materials before they sign up to determine if it’s something they’d be interested in.
  7. Archive past newsletters and articles. An online library of past newsletters and articles is both appealing and useful to visitors and builds your credibility as an authority. In addition, if your articles are written with good SEO techniques in mind, they can increase traffic to your website through enhanced search engine positioning.
  8. Give gifts subscribers can actually use. Offer an opt-in bonus for joining your subscriber list! Write an ebook or provide a PDF business report, or even hire a programmer to create downloadable or web-based software. But don’t limit yourself to offering gifts to opt-ins. Give them out when your readers fill out a survey, provide a testimonial, success story, or a great product idea. Let them know when they can expect the next gift offer. Everyone likes to get something for free! And if you pass out ‘goodies’ throughout the year, your subscribers will feel truly appreciated − and that’s good for business!
  9. Ask your subscribers to pass it on. Word of mouth is a powerful viral technique that works great with email marketing. If your subscribers find your content interesting, amusing or informative, they’ll probably share it with their friends. This can be a great source of new customers, so make sure to remind them to ‘pass it on’.
  10. Let others reprint your newsletter as long as the content is not modified. If you’re happy to share your content with the universe, then why not! Many webmasters and newsletter publishers are actively looking for high-quality content and, if they reprint your newsletter, you’ll get new subscribers, and more traffic and links pointing to your site.
  11. Include a ‘Sign Up’ button in your newsletter. If you’re using plain text instead of HTML, be sure to provide a text link to your subscription page. You may feel that this is not required because the subscriber is already on your list, but remember that readers will forward your newsletters to others, or reprint them online. Make it easy for them to subscribe!
  12. Add a squeeze page. A squeeze page has one goal − to acquire opt-ins and build your list. Think of it as a mini-sales letter to go along with your subscription or opt-in gift. It should feature a strong headline and a couple of powerful benefits that should make subscribers salivate to sign up! Once created, use a service such as WordTracker to find hundreds of targeted keywords, and promote your offer using pay-per-click advertising from Google, MSN and Yahoo. Now that should make a splash!
  13. Include testimonials on your squeeze page. This is crucial. Put one or two strong testimonials from satisfied customers on your squeeze page. This can be in any format, but you may find that multimedia (audio or video) is more ‘believable’ and inspires more people to action. To further enhance believability, get permission to use actual customer names, locations and/or urls (Don’t use ‘Bob K, FL’). Add a note inviting others to participate. After all, it’s free publicity!
  14. Blog religiously. Blogging is a great way to communicate with prospects and potential customers, and creates a nice synergy with your email marketing. Be sure to include your newsletter sign-up form on each page of your blog. You can start a free blog at Blogger or WordPress.
  15. Post on other blogs. Post thoughtful comments and information on similar blogs with a link to your squeeze or opt-in pages. Also comment on others’ blogs through trackbacks. In most cases, your comments will be posted on their blogs with a link back to your site. This is an easy way to generate new traffic and subscribers, and get your brand out there!