Build Your Brand Using the Leverage of the Internet

We want to let you in on a little secret that we learned about this weekend.

This really changed the way we approach our brand building on the internet.

We’ve found that to build a successful brand I really needed to have a strong understanding of MARKETING.

Marketing 101 BASIC’s says always
GIVE your TARGET MARKET exactly what it is they are
looking for.

Please read this over a couple of times
and really understand what I’m saying here.

You see, when you go out into the marketplace and start prospecting and promoting your brand without consider to who your customer or target market, you might as well walk around with one of those flashing digital billboards
that screams “AMATEUR!”

The secret to success in brand building is to GIVE YOUR PROSPECTS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT.

@ Brand You Inc we like to focus our marketing efforts
on EXISTING brands. This website, and
our marketing training, is designed specifically to EDUCATE those SERIOUS about building a high quality brand.

Serious brand builders focus on the following:

1. Generating MORE LEADS – If you need help in this area We can show you how to generate high quality leads through cutting edge training and high converting lead generation website templates.

2. MORE TRAFFIC – We can help you develop effective online marketing strategies for within your budget, that
can bring you quality traffic to your brands websites.

3. SOME QUICK MONEY – We have access to powerful tools and can show you how to simply plug in and promote valuable affiliate tools, and resources to generate up front commissions from those who value your brand.

4. DEVELOP QUALITY LEADERS – Through our network we will provide access to the power of ATTRACTION MARKETING systems and strategies that will allow you to attract real professionals and leaders to your brand
to really build a powerful and fast growing team. We also connect you a complete Training Center to teach your new team members the most effective online marketing strategies to build their brand. This system is a complete turn key marketing system so your team members can have their own powerful websites and marketing system up and running in no time, duplicating your brands success.

By learning how to provide EXACTLY what your target market is searching for…you’ve got a formula for unlimited brand success.

Remember that The secret to making a lot of money is to offer a valuable
service. To give and to add value and improve other people’s lives by giving them what they want.

When you follow this simple philosophy, it is absolutely unbelievable what blessings and abundance will manifest
in your life.

“Help others get what they want…and you will get what you want.”

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ReTweet, +1 and Share Your Way to a Personal Brand

By: Mark Babbitt

This time of year, most students are excited about the fresh start to a new school year. However, many are also anxious about fitting in classes, homework, clubs, Greek life, internships, a job, a social life, networking and yes, building that all-important personal brand everyone is telling them is so important.

The latter issue is a real concern, as students seem to think that to set the foundation of their personal brand, they must start a time consuming blog, spend countless hours on social media, and develop an ultra-creative way to present their personality and passion. They seem to think personal branding is an intimidating, exhausting process that can take 10 or 20 hours per week, or more.

And, fortunately for them and their careers, they are wrong.

To start building a strong personal brand, a student just needs to share, retweet and hit the ‘+1’ button.

I’ve seen many young careerists begin building an amazing brand, in about five, maybe seven, hours per week, simply by sharing excellent content within their career choice – or by retweeting those influencers others respect in their industry. They do not spend hours writing and editing an original blog. They do not sit on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter for hours at a time. And they are not necessarily creative.

They are, however, consistent and constructive:

They consistently seek out the top three or four industry-related posts that interest them – write an eloquent, yet brief, comment in the blog’s Comments section, and then click one (or more) of the ‘Share’ buttons.
To demonstrate their passions and diversity, they find two to three videos, posts or pictures that inspire them, or help them achieve their current goals – and share them on Facebook or Google+.
They create a stream of their Top 10 Twitter followers – and retweet the posts from the last few hours that really interest them, making sure they are also relevant to their followers.
About twice a week, they attend a Twitter chat such as #jobhuntchat, #HFChat or #InternPro; they engage, ask good questions and share their opinions – and they build respect and integrity in the process.
They spend maybe an hour a week doing nothing but helping others – expecting nothing in return.
And all of this effort to build a personal brand takes just a few hours per week.

Everybody can find an extra hour per day… can’t we? And perhaps in the process, knock a couple of other to-do items off the list each week, such as networking and finding a job or internship.

Do yourself a favor: do not over-think this. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t wait for the energy and motivation to start your own blog. Don’t sit around and wait for an “a-ha” moment that leads to that uber-creative way to prove you’re unique. Do not let the anticipated amount of effort intimidate you into inaction

This time, just this once, take the easy way out (while putting yourself well ahead of those who will compete with you in the workplace): retweet, +1 and share your way to an amazing personal brand.


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