What A Massive Pimple Can Teach You About Resumes

By: Pete Leibman

Imagine that you have a big first date tomorrow night. You’ve been excited but nervous about this date for the last week. The person you are going out with is HOT and you want to make a great first impression. Unfortunately, you woke up today with a massive pimple on your forehead. Hey, zit happens.

So, you go the drug store desperately looking for a product that will help you remove this blemish in the next 24 hours. You find two choices. The 1st product is called Brand A. On the outside of the bottle for Brand A, it says:

“Designed to remove pimples and used by people all over the U.S.”

The 2nd product is called Brand B. On the outside of the bottle for Brand B, it says:

“100% guaranteed to remove pimples within 6 hours and used by more than 1 million people each week.”

Brand A could be just as effective for your acne as Brand B. However, Brand A simply told you what it was responsible for doing, while Brand B provided you with compelling evidence that it could get you the results you were seeking. If you could only try one product, your choice would be pretty easy.

What’s the point? Most people create resumes that are like Brand A. They just talk about what they were responsible for and they don’t provide any compelling evidence that they could get employers the results they are seeking. Then, they are somehow surprised when employers don’t blow up their cell phone and inbox with job offers.
You need to be like Brand B: offer compelling evidence for why you are the best person for the job.

If you are creative, you can offer compelling evidence for your credibility, no matter how inexperienced or unimpressive you might think your background is.

As a student in college, I had a part-time job as a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness. One of my responsibilities was to sell fitness packages to members at the gym. The bullet point on the resume of most students would have said, “Responsible for selling fitness packages to gym members.” That would have been the Brand A way to describe myself.

However, I wanted to be like Brand B, so the bullet point on my resume said, “Generated over 400% of January 2003 sales goal.”

This was 100% true. My sales goal for January 2003 was $800 and I made one sale for $3,300.

Be like Brand B! Employers don’t care about what you were responsible for, so give them compelling evidence that you are credible.

Pete Leibman is the Founder of Dream Job Academy and the Author of the new book titled “I Got My Dream Job and So Can You.” His career advice has been featured on Fox, CBS, and CNN, and he is a popular Keynote Speaker at career events for college students and at conferences for people who work with college students.

ReTweet, +1 and Share Your Way to a Personal Brand

By: Mark Babbitt

This time of year, most students are excited about the fresh start to a new school year. However, many are also anxious about fitting in classes, homework, clubs, Greek life, internships, a job, a social life, networking and yes, building that all-important personal brand everyone is telling them is so important.

The latter issue is a real concern, as students seem to think that to set the foundation of their personal brand, they must start a time consuming blog, spend countless hours on social media, and develop an ultra-creative way to present their personality and passion. They seem to think personal branding is an intimidating, exhausting process that can take 10 or 20 hours per week, or more.

And, fortunately for them and their careers, they are wrong.

To start building a strong personal brand, a student just needs to share, retweet and hit the ‘+1’ button.

I’ve seen many young careerists begin building an amazing brand, in about five, maybe seven, hours per week, simply by sharing excellent content within their career choice – or by retweeting those influencers others respect in their industry. They do not spend hours writing and editing an original blog. They do not sit on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter for hours at a time. And they are not necessarily creative.

They are, however, consistent and constructive:

They consistently seek out the top three or four industry-related posts that interest them – write an eloquent, yet brief, comment in the blog’s Comments section, and then click one (or more) of the ‘Share’ buttons.
To demonstrate their passions and diversity, they find two to three videos, posts or pictures that inspire them, or help them achieve their current goals – and share them on Facebook or Google+.
They create a stream of their Top 10 Twitter followers – and retweet the posts from the last few hours that really interest them, making sure they are also relevant to their followers.
About twice a week, they attend a Twitter chat such as #jobhuntchat, #HFChat or #InternPro; they engage, ask good questions and share their opinions – and they build respect and integrity in the process.
They spend maybe an hour a week doing nothing but helping others – expecting nothing in return.
And all of this effort to build a personal brand takes just a few hours per week.

Everybody can find an extra hour per day… can’t we? And perhaps in the process, knock a couple of other to-do items off the list each week, such as networking and finding a job or internship.

Do yourself a favor: do not over-think this. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t wait for the energy and motivation to start your own blog. Don’t sit around and wait for an “a-ha” moment that leads to that uber-creative way to prove you’re unique. Do not let the anticipated amount of effort intimidate you into inaction

This time, just this once, take the easy way out (while putting yourself well ahead of those who will compete with you in the workplace): retweet, +1 and share your way to an amazing personal brand.


Tired Of The Old School Brand Building Techniques?

Are you tired of the old school network marketing techniques? You know the 3 foot rule, hanging flyers, bugging your family and friends, and holding hotel meetings.

I know that when I first joined my first network marketing company, I was told to use these same techniques.  I was told to make a list of 100 people that I knew and basically call every one of them to ask and see if they would be interested in making some extra money.

I was only faced with questions I wasn’t able to answer, getting hung up on, and faced with nothing but rejection.

When I was officially shunned by everyone that I knew, all my upline told me to do was to go out and buy some opportunity leads.

This only led me to some more rejection and spending a bunch of money.

Now I was out of money, and had nothing to show for it.

Then just as I was going to give up, I found what I consider to be the “life saver” for my business.

This life saver I speak of was Mike Dillard’s 7 Day Free Video Boot Camp.

In these 7 free videos Mike explained how I could attract an endless stream of prospects to me ready to join and actually get paid to prospect.

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